Technology for a new operating model

Banks are undergoing a generational change in data management. Duco gives you the platform for agility.


Duco is pure self-service. Your data experts can set up, manage and maintain controls themselves. No need for long projects, “ETL” or data preparation.

Agile & efficient

Duco automates manual processes and replaces expensive internal systems. Banks can save millions while introducing robust, auditable controls at the same time.

Trusted & secure

Duco is used by some of the world’s largest corporate and investment banks for business critical controls. As a company we are ISO 27001 and audited for SOC2 every six months.

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How banks use Duco

Replacing spreadsheets

Duco is as easy to use as a spreadsheet, but fundamentally more scalable and auditable. It empowers users who understand the data to set up automated controls themselves within hours, then maintain them, without projects or asking for help.

Clearing & exchange reconciliation

Duco's smart technology can handle trade and position reconciliations with ease, in all asset classes. Changes to formats, exchange upgrades, technical differences in symbology or timing issues are not a problem.

Replacing legacy reconciliations

From settlements, clearing and custody, to trades, positions and nostro accounts - Duco handles everything. Lower your TCO by consolidating on to one powerful platform.

Inter-system reconciliation

Data moves around the organisation, sometimes via hundreds of systems, with key details changed or enriched at every step. Duco ensures your data remains consistent at all times with easy-to-create intersystem validation checks.

Ledger / cash reconciliation

With Duco, you can set up cash and nostro controls, as well as stock/depot activity, extremely quickly. Replace your cash reconciliation system with a rule-based, end-user driven, highly scalable hosted service.

Fees and commission

Having incorrect or out-of-date fee structures can cause erroneous trade bookings, potentially leading to losses and fines. With Duco, you can ensure your fee schedules, bookings and amounts are always accurate.

Regulatory reporting

Compare front, middle and back office records to copies held by regulators, competent authorities, trade repositories, etc without technical projects and without column limitations. Any regulatory changes are quick and easy to deal with.

System migration integrity

With Duco you can simplify system migration projects dramatically, without relying on manual work. Put parallel-run controls in place within hours, then compare millions of records in minutes. The overall data quality is easy to measure.

Case Studies

Regulatory reporting

How a tier one bank used Duco Cube for MiFID, EMIR and Dodd-Frank reporting

Back office migration

How a tier one investment bank used Duco for a large system migration project

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